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Investment Forum November 2011

Investment Forum November 2011

New chocolate and drinks brands were on the menu at the November Investment Forum, along with a whole host of other businesses that whet the audience's sensory appetites...

As YABA Chair Andrew Burton pointed out at the end of the Investment Forum, there really was something among the presenting companies to satisfy most interests. "You can eat and drink it, get on your bike to work off the calories and, if you fall off your bike, there's a technology here that might help fix you," he said.

Held in partnership with York St John Business School and with the support of ICAEW Business Advice Service, the ten companies presenting their businesses did so to a packed audience.

Brannan Tempest of OblinArk, a company that has developed an innovative power generation hydro-wheel, says he found the Forum incredibly useful. "I made a lot of excellent contacts at the event and as a result I've met with quite a few potential investors," he says. "It can be difficult to find finance and it offered the chance to connect with people who are actively interested in investing."

Presenting companies:

The Music Jar, Stockport

Requirement: £500,000

Offering music free downloads for broadcast, revenues have been healthy for this young business, which now seeks finance to help fund its growth.

Turbo Drinks Company, Leeds

Requirement: £250,000

With a management team experienced in the drinks industry, this company has created innovative drinks which bridge the gap between conventional lagers and beers, and alcopops.

Get Cycling CiC, York

Requirement: £100,000

This well-established company has innovated to ensure its sustainability and is seeking investment in its disability cycles retail operation.

Travelnet, Manchester

Requirement: £250,000

This web business provides consumers with a 'one stop shop' for all airline and airport options across the UK. Having proven the technology the company now seeks investment to fund growth activities.

Enjoy Chocolate, Huddersfield

Requirement: £200,000

With listings in several major retailers, Enjoy Chocolate's branded confectionary offer, called ICONS, now requires investment to ensure its growth so far can be sustained into the future.

Neotherix, York

Requirement: £180,000

Originally a spin-out from Smith & Nephew, Neotherix develops novel tissue scaffolds to speed up and enhance the repair of wounds. It has match funding for the amount it seeks, which will enable it to bring its major product to market.

Big Rich Films, London

Requirement: Min. investment £5,000

This company is seeking investment in its new film, Dyson with Death. With a track record in creating and producing commercial films, the company is looking for investors who are able to make a minimum investment of £5,000.

OblinArk, Leeds

Requirement: £960,000

OblinArk has created an innovative and effective floating hydro-wheel for power generation and has interest from bodies such as British Waterways. It seeks investment to help capitalise fully on its potential.

Montague Healthcare, Nottingham

Requirement: £500,000

Montague Healthcare is seeking investment to bring its prototype technology – a new approach to diagnostics – to market, initially developing the technology for diabetes screening.

IC Innovations, Sheffield

Requirement: £150,000

Having successfully designed, manufactured, imported and distributed FMCG goods into the UK for six years now, this company is looking to significantly scale up and requires investment to help it reach its goals.

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