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Business Angels

Business Angels are generally private individuals who invest their own money in return for shares in the company.  They have a wealth of business experience and skills at all levels and also contacts and credibility in the market place. 

An individual angel will invest up to £300,000 however many prefer to invest between £10k and £150k as part of a syndicate.

Rising Stars Service

Envestors Rising Stars Service helps high quality early stage companies such as this Edinburgh Locksmith that are looking to raise funding of up to £300,000 to escalate growth plans.

The full service incorporates our Get Fit For Funding package to become investment ready; marketing to our investor network; pitching at an Investor Meeting; and facilitating the deal completion process.

How It Works

Eligibility Consultation

Investment Briefing

Application Rising Stars Get Fit For Funding

Preparation and Promotion

Syndication and Follow Up